Biomethane gets a boost, SCE seeks $1.6B for more fire prevention, “Lithium Valley” spotlit

By Published On: February 24, 2022

The California Public Utilities Commission directs the gas utilities in the state to buy biomethane to reduce high greenhouse gas-emitting methane and replace natural gas. The new order seeks to use organic waste, which is supposed to be diverted from landfills but instead will be converted to biomethane for use by homes and small businesses. Waste reduction advocates warn it’s an ineffective way to capture methane.

Southern California Edison seeks $1.6 billion to cover more power lines, install more cameras and remove more trees this year. Its latest wildfire prevention plan will add an average monthly cost of $7.00 to residential ratepayers or about $84 a year.

Imperial County’s Lithium Valley gets center stage this week at a White House briefing with a diverse group of stakeholders. Earlier, county officials declare they want people in their poor county to benefit from any successful lithium extraction from the brine of geothermal plants, including receiving education and training, employment in the emerging industries and government funding.

Radioactive waste sitting at the closed San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station on a Southern California beach could get moved to a far less populated area under a proposed bill. The federal legislation would direct the Department of Energy to give waste removal priority to decommissioned nukes surrounded by dense populations that face earthquake and other risks, all of which apply to SONGS.

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