Newsom urges more clean energy, profits on utility assets must be lower, EV to home pilot

By Published On: March 10, 2022

Headlines are focused on the war and Gov. Gavin Newsom during his State of the State pays tribute to the courage of the Ukrainian people. He also stresses that the war and its impact on fossil fuel supplies should not undermine the commitment and need to advance clean energy. He highlights the devastation caused by climate change, including massive wildfires and scorched towns in the state.

The next day, the California Energy Commission approves a $10.5 million grant to support offshore wind development in Humboldt. It also signs off on $15 million in grants for zero-emission trucks, carbon capture at a power plant and water reuse.

Elsewhere vehicle-to-grid pilots are in the works. Pacific Gas & Electric teams with GM to connect EV batteries to homes to power them during outages. Duke Energy launches a EV pilot using three emerging technologies and a flat monthly rate.

Ever rising utility bills are a big concern for regulators but they continue to fail to implement an easy strategy for lowering ratepayers’ cost, although the utilities tout big earnings. This week’s Juice column calls for lowering the hefty double-digit return investor-owned utilities earn on the billions of dollars they spent on renewable and fossil power plants, overhead lines, charging stations and other assets.

A group of community aggregators sign up for 50 MW of batteries to provide eight hours of power. The project in San Diego is to help the six meet their long-duration storage requirement mid-decade.


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