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By Published On: May 21, 2021

State regulators require the private utilities to offer to sell renewable portfolio resources to community energy and other providers. Each aggregator and other entity will be offered a proportional share of the resources bought by the utility for its ratepayers that later joined a non utility. But the California Public Utilities Commission 5-0 vote declines to direct that the resource adequacy as well as the greenhouse gas free attributes of the resources also be put up for sale.

Agency chiefs tell lawmakers that they have pulled out all the stops to thwart blackouts this summer. They have driven the addition of 3.5 GW of resources, including 1 GW of storage. The focus has been keeping the lights on, not reducing climate pollution, the CPUC president admits.

Federal regulators also worry about the reliability of California’s grid in the event of soaring temperatures. Meeting demand under trying weather conditions is made more challenging, in spite of the addition of significant resources, because of a drop in hydropower and crimped gas supplies in Southern California, according to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s summer assessment..

The Governor proposes directing some of the surprising big surplus revenue in state coffers to clean energy—from zero emission transportation to green hydrogen. Potential big beneficiaries of that boom are the California Energy Commission and Air Resources Board.

The Energy Commission expenditures would soar 140% if the Legislature signs on to the Governor’s May Budget revision. More than $1 billion in its upcoming fiscal year budget would be dedicated to promoting small and large electric- and hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

Another potential beneficiary of the new money is green hydrogen.  The funding also would help prop up Los Angeles’ new plan to create an industry based on renewable hydrogen that is widely accessible and affordable. The LA Department of Water and Power just joined a coalition, which includes SoCalGas and Mitsubishi, that aims to do just that by the end of the decade.

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